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June 2015: GetReligion


Prodigal son Josh Hamilton’s return to the Texas Rangers: What role is faith playing? Published June 2.

That story on a Southern Baptist church’s sunset? Yes, it’s ‘really sweet,’ but it falls short journalism-wise. Published June 3.

A New Hampshire woman’s passion for helping Syrians: Can you spot the religion ghosts? Published June 4.

Hypothetical question: What would happen if a religion news critic had nothing to say? Published June 5.

A sex abuse scandal, a divided church and three questions for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Published June 9.

#DUH: Sarah Pulliam Bailey nails breaking news on evangelicals and same-sex marriage. Published June 10.

Who wants a boring religious funeral when you can be remembered with a cocktail and a band? Published June 11.

Hey New York Times: Is North Carolina law really about ‘curtailing same-sex unions,’ or is religious freedom the issue? Published June 12.

Again, it’s religious liberty vs. gay rights as Christian disc jockey refuses to work gay man’s birthday party. Published June 16.

Jihad journalism: Did Southern Baptists really just declare ‘spiritual warfare’ on same-sex marriage? Published June 17.

Tragedy in Charleston: Basic facts crucial in reporting on shooting deaths of nine at historic black church. Published June 18.

#CharlestonShooting: Five key angles on the massacre at a historic black church in South Carolina. Published June 19.

Terrific advice on #CharlestonShooting coverage: ‘Switch off cable and go local.’ Published June 23.

In interviews, NBC’s new permanent anchor Lester Holt talks news, race and Brian Williams ā€” but what about his faith? Published June 24.

#DUH ā€” You think there might be a religion angle on that debate over the Confederate flag? Published June 25.

Hey, let’s put faces on #CharlestonShooting victims, not wrap them in Confederate flag controversy. Published June 26.

On same-sex marriage, ‘Amen!’ to what Poynter said about covering the battles ahead ā€” with a few quibbles. Published June 30.

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