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Cats in purses and other funny pulpit moments


Cats in purses and other funny pulpit moments: Preachers across the nation recall humorous experiences. 

Decades ago, James O. Maxwell preached a sermon at the Lawrence and Marder Church of Christ in Dallas on trusting in God.

One woman in the predominantly black congregation became quite emotional.

“Oh, you better hush your mouth!” the sister proclaimed. “Hush your mouth! You better hush!”

The message touched another sister, and she, too, started shouting.

Maxwell’s son Shawn, then about 6 years old, listened to the outbursts and nudged his mother, Betty.

“Mama, why won’t Daddy hush?” the boy asked.

Maxwell, a longtime minister who serves as vice president for institutional expansion at Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, Texas, still chuckles as he recounts that experience.

Pulpits are a great place to share the Gospel, lead sinners away from temptation — and find funny stories.

This column appears in the June 2015 print edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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