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Josh Hamilton’s return to Texas, and a selfie taken by my daughter

“Take me out to the ball game” is my blog on major-league ballparks and the wonders of witnessing America’s favorite pastime up close.

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By Bobby Ross Jr.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Any night at the ballpark is a wonderful night.

But last night at Globe Life Park, I had the privilege of witnessing Josh Hamilton’s return to Texas:

I left my iPhone in my minivan, so I couldn’t chronicle my experience live.

On the other hand, I was able to soak in the ballpark atmosphere — the bright green grass, the flags blowing in the breeze, the peanut and cotton candy vendors — without feeling a need to post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram every half-hour.

But my daughter, Kendall, did take a selfie with her brother Brady and me that I tweeted after the game. I’ve trained her well! (My other son, Keaton, was there, too, but he happily avoided the sister paparazzi):

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