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‘Blue’ and gold: My Top 10 favorite new country songs of 2016

‘Blue’ and gold: My Top 10 favorite new country songs of 2016

By Bobby Ross Jr. 

Just for fun, here are my Top 10 favorite new country songs of 2016.

A word of warning: My iMusic playlist includes much more classic country than new country. In recent years, I find I don’t recognize half the singers on the CMA and ACM awards — and I don’t understand the appeal of some of the ones I do.

Still, there’s a 99.5 percent chance I’m missing awesome songs that belong on this list. Fellow country fans, please feel free to tell me what those songs are.

As for non-fans of God’s favorite genre of music, you have my sympathy.

• • •

10. “From the Ground Up,” Dan + Shay.

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Modern-day parables: This is country music

Modern-day parables: This is country music

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

I drive a minivan, not a truck. I drink Diet Coke, not beer. I wear a baseball cap, not a cowboy hat.

I don’t cheat on my wife, dance in the neon light or party all night with my rowdy friends. On my best days, I don’t intentionally do somebody wrong.

But I do love country music, much to the chagrin of the queen of my doublewide trailer. (By the way, honey, would you please stop switching the preset radio stations to classic rock?)

My friend David Duncan, minister for the Memorial Church of Christ in Houston, and I entertained our children recently with an ear-piercing, out-of-tune rendition of George Jones’ “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

Granted, this musical genre is chock-full of bumpkins who fall to pieces, deal with achy-breaky hearts and face temptation when the devil goes down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal.

However, I seem to recall reading in the Bible about a prophet who’s swallowed by a fish and a prodigal son who longs to dine on pig slop. And Jesus certainly had friends in low places.

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During Gospel Music Week, Christian music reigns in Nashville bars, nightspots


The Associated Press State & Local Wire

April 10, 2003, Thursday, BC cycle

During Gospel Music Week, Christian music reigns in Nashville bars, nightspots

BYLINE: By BOBBY ROSS JR., Associated Press Writer

SECTION: Domestic News; State and Regional

LENGTH: 591 words


Fiberglass horses and neon signs emblazoned with “Budweiser” and “Jose Cuervo” aren’t usually part of the backdrop for a Christian music concert. And the patrons at the Wildhorse Saloon don’t typically order iced tea and water.

But this is Gospel Music Week, when some of Nashville’s most popular bars and nightspots trade lying-and-cheating songs for hymns about prayer and redemption.

Dressed in black and strumming a guitar, 37-year-old Paducah, Ky., native Eric Horner looked like any other country music singer as he joined an ear-piercing band onstage at the Wildhorse. But the lyrics of his new album’s title cut, “Prayer Warrior,” gave him away.

“The army of the Lord must daily take our stand,” Horner sang at a talent showcase Tuesday. “He is our rock, our sword, our shield, even on the battlefield.”

About 3,000 Christian music artists, promoters, retailers and record executives have gathered in Nashville for events that culminate with the 34th annual Dove Awards on Thursday night. The awards recognize everything from staid gospel quartets and country to rock, rap and teen pop.

Nashville may be the home of country music, but the Christian music industry – with 50 million albums sold and $1 billion in revenue in each of the last two years – is also a force here.

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Faithful Hordes Still Swarming The King’s Castle

Faithful Hordes Still Swarming The King’s Castle

Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK)
August 10, 1997, Sunday CITY EDITION
Faithful Hordes Still Swarming The King’s Castle

BYLINE: Bobby Ross Jr., Tamie Ross, Staff Writers


LENGTH: 2036 words


Goose bumps formed just below James Hubert’s
earphones as he followed the Graceland Mansion tour group into the
dining room.

As Priscilla Presley recounted on audiotape how Elvis Presley
chomped southern cooking, played poker and swapped stories in this
room, the Lawton man passed from commercialized present to
nostalgic past.

Suddenly, there at the head of the eight-foot table, Hubert
could see him.


“Man,” Hubert said, “Elvis walked through here eating a peanut
butter and banana sandwich.”

‘Promised Land’

The king of rock ‘n’ roll left the building 20 years ago.

When Presley died Aug. 16, 1977, at age 42, Hubert didn’t
qualify as an Elvis fan.

Then a 17-year-old high school student, he banged his head to
Van Halen and KISS – the hard stuff.

But as the 20th anniversary of Presley’s death approached, the
Lawton city equipment operator stepped into Elvis’ world.

He was far from alone.

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Garth Brooks wows fans in home concert

Garth Brooks wows fans in home concert


Edmond Evening Sun SUNDAY

Page 1

August 23, 1992

Brooks Wows Fans In Home Concert



OKLAHOMA CITY — A few hours before Garth Brooks’ sold-out concert at the Myriad Friday night, a bearded man resembling the country music superstar strolled into an interview room.

He was wearing a baseball cap, warmup shirt, sweatpants and tennis shoes — customary off-stage attire for the Oklahoma native.

Still, without his trademark black cowboy hat, bright western shirt and boots, it was difficult to tell if it was really him.

Then, he flashed that happy-to-be-an-Okie smile. Hey, that really is Garth!

Later, Brooks would compete with 14,500 screaming, boot-stomping fans to see who could bring the house down first.

With the hometown sensation running, jumping and dancing around stage as he belted out hit after hit and the crowd matching his decibel level with ear-piercing shrieks and applause loud enough to drown out a jet engine, it didn’t take long for the house to fall.

But for now the house was still standing and Brooks seemed more relaxed that way, more subdued than superstar-like as he discussed his future, his family and his fans.

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