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Lester Holt a humble newsman with a serious faith


Lester Holt a humble newsman with a serious faith: NBC anchor finds journalism ‘faith-affirming.’

A few years ago, a group of communications students from Harding University in Searcy, Ark., visited NBC’s “Today” show studios in New York.

A familiar face greeted them.

“Lester Holt was so kind to take a few minutes and visit with each of our students about their goals and plans,” said Jack Shock, a Harding communications professor. “I was impressed with Lester’s focus on each student, even for just a few minutes, making each feel at ease in what could have been an overwhelming environment.”

I know the feeling.

Holt, a member of the Manhattan Church of Christ, extended a similar warm, friendly welcome to me in 2009.

Millions know the hard-working newsman as the anchor of “Dateline” and the weekend anchor of “Today” and the “NBC Nightly News.” In recent weeks, he’s made headlines of his own as the interim anchor of NBC’s top-rated weeknight evening news.

For at least six months, Holt, 55, will fill the anchor chair of Brian Williams, who was suspended for making false claims about being aboard a helicopter forced down by rocket-propelled grenade fire in Iraq in 2003.

This column appears in the March 2015 print edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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