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March 2015: GetReligion


In the New England forecast: Lots of snow, with a chance of coffers drying up at houses of worship. Published March 3.

Front-page news in Indianapolis: 5-year-old survey data on ‘animus’ toward same-sex marriage. Published March 4.

Sorry, Southern Baptists: AP slants Alabama same-sex marriage coverage in favor of gay-rights advocates. Published March 5.

A Catholic priest, an Anglican bishop and a Baptist mom walk into a North Carolina family home … Published March 6.

Man in the Van: ESPN makes solid contact but fails to hit easy fastball out of the park. Published March 9.

Another one bites the dust? New York Times religion writer taking his talents to Broadway. Published March 10.

Colorado same-sex wedding cake wars: Coverage ranges from ‘too hot’ to ‘too cold’ to ‘just right.’ Published March 11.

You won’t believe what just won a Wilbur Award for religion communication in secular media … Published March 12.

Oklahoma lawmakers contemplate eliminating all marriage — licenses, that is. Published March 13.

Blue laws and blue ghosts: Story on Sunday business closings lacks religious voices. Published March 17.

Big news report card: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) changes definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. Published March 18.

Faith of Jeb Bush: Aligned with Catholic hierarchy on most issues, but not on death penalty. Published March 19.

News story or editorial? Reuters reports on that bill to eliminate all marriage (licenses) in Oklahoma. Published March 20.

5Q+1 interview: Daniel Burke on CNN Belief, ‘The Friendly Atheists Next Door’ and the next big religion story. Published March 24.

Just what’s so ‘controversial’ about that Indiana religious freedom bill passed this week? Published March 25.

That Indiana ‘religious freedom’ bill just got even more controversial, and don’t forget the scare quotes. Published March 26.

CNN’s Daniel Burke survived a GetReligion interview, but will his ‘Friendly Atheists’ story endure our critique? Published March 28.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a front-page editorial in The Indianapolis Star. No, really … Published March 31.

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