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From modern-day slave to slave for Christ


Part of a special package tied to the abductions of 270 girls in Nigeria.

From modern-day slave to slave for Christ: Chong Kim escaped captivity and became a crusader against human trafficking. 

Chong Kim had a secret.

She was pregnant, but that wasn’t her secret. Everybody knew about the baby. Her unborn daughter was what brought her to a Christian maternity home in West Texas.

She had worked as a prostitute, but that wasn’t her secret, either. She freely shared that part of her story, even seeming to enjoy the shock value.

But the young Korean-American feared revealing the full truth. Feared for her safety. Feared for her family’s safety.

No one at Christian Homes of Abilene knew about her abduction by a man she thought was her boyfriend.

No one knew about the untold hours she spent handcuffed and chained to a doorknob.

No one knew about her years-long captivity as a doped-up sex slave forced to perform countless tricks.

Certainly, no one knew that she struck a driver on the head with a stiletto heel and swiped a car outside a Las Vegas casino in a harrowing escape from a domestic human trafficking ring — a frantic effort to save her baby from being born into that lifestyle.

This story appears in the July 2014 print edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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