June 2014: GetReligion


Building religion IQ in reporters? We say, ‘Amen!’ Published June 3.

Church to boycott Redskins? Not enough to fill a stadium. Published June 5.

We don’t need no religion education, or do we? Published June 5.

United (for now) Methodists and the same-sex debate. Published June 8.

#SBC14: Race, sex and Muslims make Baptist headlines. Published June 10.

Ghosts after Seattle Pacific shooting? Not in this story. Published June 12.

Demon ‘deliverance’ in Big D: ‘The Exorcists Next Door.’ Published June 12.

A touching Father’s Day profile from down in Georgia. Published June 15.

Faith and fitness: LATimes explores God’s role in weight loss. Published June 16.

Politico’s long-but-shallow exposé on Hobby Lobby family. Published June 17.

Nuns, strippers and the never-boring Godbeat. Published June 18.

All Catholics oppose death penalty and all Baptists favor it? Published June 19.

NYTimes’ riveting profile of a Christian in Afghanistan. Published June 23.

At play in China: repression of Muslims or Islamic terrorism? Published June 25.

How NOT to cover the ruling in the Hobby Lobby case. Published June 26.

Big news report card: Grading abortion buffer zone coverage. Published June 27.

Author: Bobby Ross Jr.

Bobby Ross Jr. is an award-winning journalist who has reported from all 50 states and 14 countries.