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Financial crisis strikes Southwestern Christian College


Financial crisis at Southwestern: Historically black Christian college seeks donations and prayers to ‘be able to survive’ (reporting from Terrell, Texas). Page 1 lead.

TERRELL, Texas — Southwestern Christian College, a  historically black college associated with Churches of Christ, faces a financial crisis.

The sudden loss of $500,000 a year in federal funding has exacerbated long-standing financial difficulties, top administrators told The Christian Chronicle.

“This has crippled our recruiting capabilities and several vital operational needs,” said James O. Maxwell, vice president of institutional advancement. “Please pray for us that we might be able to survive this crisis.”

Jack Evans, Southwestern’s president since 1967, voices confidence that God will provide the funds necessary for Southwestern to survive and thrive.

Asked if the college might be in danger of closing, Evans replied, “That’s been an issue ever since we’ve been in existence. … I have just worked here based on the faith that it would get better, and I still believe it. I don’t live under the threat or the fear of closing.”

Southwestern has 172 students this semester — down 24 percent from an enrollment of 227 five years ago.

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This post highlights my stories in the December 2013 print edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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