November 2013: GetReligion


Ghosts in blue-state — er, red-state — West Virginia? Published Nov. 1.

KKK hoods, ‘two angels’ and a frustrating ghost. Published Nov. 4.

Porn no more: Secular students inviting religious discussion. Published Nov. 6. *

Surprise! A same-sex marriage story that gets religion. Published Nov. 8.

Pod people: Stopping in again at the Death Cafe. Published Nov. 9. *

How many atheists does it take to form a ‘megachurch?’ Published Nov. 11.

‘Beer with Jesus’ a growing trend in mainline churches? Published Nov. 13.

Billy Graham’s 95th birthday bash: happy or harpy? Published Nov. 14. *

Story envy, courtesy of the New York Times. Published Nov. 15. *

Blessed corpses — and holy ghosts — after typhoon. Published Nov. 18.

Is adjunct academia indeed the devil’s bargain? Published Nov. 20. *

Pass the popcorn! This movie preview gets faith theme right. Published Nov. 22. *

JFK’s strong Catholic ties and the speech he DIDN’T give. Published Nov. 22.

Where’s the other side in atheist lawsuit story? Published Nov. 25.

A ghost in the healing power of hoops? Published Nov. 30.

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Author: Bobby Ross Jr.

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