December 2013: GetReligion

‘Dozens of pastors’ not quoted in front-page story. Published Dec. 2.

Joe Jonas unplugged begs for good reporter and editor. Published Dec. 3. *

The Methodist roots of Nelson Mandela. Published Dec. 6.

The second storytelling rule: Get the name of the church. Published Dec. 9.

Isn’t that special? Satan pays a visit to the Bible Belt. Published Dec. 16.

Liberal media? Yes, say some journalists. Published Dec. 18.

Paparazzi snaps model in church, model snaps back. Published Dec. 20. *

The Big D’s sex-loving, millionaire megapastor. Published Dec. 20.

A ‘Blue Christmas?’ Stories seek sad holiday angles. Published Dec. 26. *

Say what!?! Organ music at ‘Duck Dynasty’ church? Published Dec. 27.

Does ‘Pope Francis effect’ mean a Catholic growth trend? Published Dec. 31.

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Author: Bobby Ross Jr.

Award-winning journalist Bobby Ross Jr. has reported from all 50 states and 14 countries in his 28-year professional career.