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Coronavirus pandemic prompts numerous Churches of Christ to cancel Sunday assemblies

Other congregations meet but with modifications such as individual, prepackaged communion.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

COVID-19 has made one thing clear, if it was not already: The church is not a building.

Amid concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Churches of Christ in the U.S. and abroad canceled regular worship assemblies this weekend. 

Some congregations did so for the first time in their history.

“We were asked by the governor … to not have gatherings together,” said Mark Ray, minister for the 300-member Benton Church of Christ in Kentucky. “One-fourth of our members are over 65, and that’s who would have come.”

Instead, the Benton church livestreamed a devotional message by Ray and made communion supplies available for pickup or delivery.

Noel Walker, minister for the Tintern Church of Christ in Vineland, Ontario, south of Toronto, said love, not fear, prompted his congregation to offer an internet broadcast instead of a normal assembly.

“We wanted to be part of the local infection control strategy rather than contribute to the problem,” Walker said.

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