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Love in three languages

Christians in Ohio join together to praise God in English, Spanish and Twi dialect of Ghana.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The hymns were familiar, even if all the words were not.

At an areawide assembly hosted by the Northland Church of Christ, Ghanaian immigrants full of joy sang “Yɛn Nyame Te Ase” — “Our God, He Is Alive” — in their native dialect of Twi.

Spanish speakers originally from Latin American nations such as Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico praised God with refrains such as “En la Cruz” (“At the Cross”) and “Glorificaremos al Señor” (“We Will Glorify”).

“This is a little bit of heaven right here,” Northland member Lynn Rosenbaum said before leading “We Saw Thee Not” and “The Old Rugged Cross” in English.

On this recent Sunday night, about 200 members of Churches of Christ came together in Ohio’s capital city to sing, pray, commune and eat a fellowship meal.

The different languages reflected the multicultural nature of Northland — a 77-year-old church on the north side of this city of nearly 900,000 souls.

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This story appears in the December print edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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