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Story behind the story: How a busy weekend turned into front-page news

The behind-the-scenes narrative of our deadline coverage of the memorial events for Jack Evans Sr.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

TERRELL, Texas — Over the weekend, and on deadline for our December print edition, I made a 42-hour trip to this town 30 miles east of Dallas. 

My mission: to cover the memorial events for Jack Evans Sr., the trailblazing longtime president of Southwestern Christian College.

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Generally, I was pleased with my piece and a related column by our wonderful correspondent Hamil R. Harris, not to mention excellent images captured by freelance photographer Don Mooney.

But ever since I hit the publish button, I’ve kept remembering little details I neglected to include. 

Partly, I left them out because even though we started the story on Page 1 and jumped our coverage of Evans’ death to two full inside pages, we had a finite space. Also, I omitted many because I had a full notebook and an overloaded brain. Some compelling facts and quotes escaped my memory in the heat of deadline.

Readers sometimes tell me they enjoy hearing the story behind the story of what gets published in the Chronicle. I thought this might be a nice opportunity to do that — and maybe assuage my guilt by mentioning a few more people.

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