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Six questions to assess vehicle insurance

Managing the money of the church includes being up-to-date on insurance policies.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | For Church Finance Today

After Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas last year, an Oklahoma church sent 150 people to help with disaster relief.

Before they left, church leaders worked to bolster safety on the nearly 1,000-mile round trip: They rented 18 newer-model vans and required volunteer drivers to complete an online training course.

This was in addition to making sure the vehicles, drivers, and passengers had insurance coverage — in the event of an accident — through the congregation’s insurance policies.

“God forbid, if we had an accident with a van load full of people—you can run up some pretty high medical expenses,” said John Trotter, elder and administrator for the Oklahoma church. He noted that the congregation has both a general liability policy and a $1 million umbrella policy to cover a catastrophic event on the highway. Those policies, he said, allow the congregation to waive any additional insurance through the rental company.

Managing the money of the church includes being up-to-date on insurance policies — knowing what types of coverage are essential, that policies include all possible drivers and vehicle scenarios, and that the limits are adequate.

Here are six questions to help church leaders when evaluating vehicle insurance coverage.

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This article appears on the March 2018 cover of Church Finance Today, a publication of Christianity Today.

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