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A Bible Belt mayor, an extramarital affair and a religion-savvy newspaper

By Bobby Ross Jr. | GetReligion

When the dateline on a news story is Nashville, Tenn., there isn’t always a religion angle.

But almost always?

Yes, that’s a pretty safe statement. At least was the case during the year I spent in that Bible Belt state capital, covering faith and politics for The Associated Press.

In late 2015, I praised The Tennessean’s decision to hire a full-time religion writer — Holly Meyer — after eliminating the position when veteran journalist Bob Smietana left the paper in 2013. In my post two years ago, I proclaimed:

The prodigal Godbeat has come home to Music City!

The USA Today Network publication’s investment in Meyer and religion journalism expertise keeps paying dividends. The most recent example came last week after Nashville Mayor Megan Barry confessed to an extramarital affair.

Way up high in the initial main news story on Barry’s affair, quotes attributed to the mayor hinted strongly at holy ghosts:

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