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Holocaust Remembrance Day reading: Two survivors find each other, and answers

‘I am still moved and astonished at our special and rare connection.’

By Bobby Ross Jr. | AP Religion Writer

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (AP) — In George Lucius Salton’s view, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

His daughter, Anna Eisen, called him at his home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., with a question that sent his mind racing back 60 years to the hell he survived as a teenager.

She wanted to know if her father remembered a man from his native Poland with the last name Waks.

“Ignatz Waks?” Salton replied without hesitation.

Yes, his daughter said.

Of course the 76-year-old remembered him. The two had been together in 10 Nazi concentration camps, he said.

“He was my friend.”

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This story originally appeared on the Aug. 17, 2004, national and international wires of The Associated Press.

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