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April 2015: GetReligion


On that florist who refused flowers for gay wedding, Indy Star misses chance to provide real insight. Published April 1.

You’re familiar with the Godbeat, but what about the Jesus Beat? It’s coming soon to RNS. Published April 2.

Whatchamacallit: Media struggle to describe religious freedom laws in Indiana, Arkansas. Published April 3.

It’s past time for New York Times to correct report that beheaded American converted to Islam. Published April 6.

Surprise! Two major newspaper stories that seek to understand the religious freedom side in Indiana, Arkansas. Published April 7.

Strikeout! Faith angle missing in story on suspended Orioles slugger Chris Davis’ ‘hope for redemption.’ Published April 8.

Ghosts in South Carolina: ‘The Lord is my strength,’ says mother of black man shot to death by police officer. Published April 10.

Was there a spiritual component to the funeral for Walter Scott, the black man shot by a South Carolina police officer? Published April 14.

In Tennessee, is the Bible up there with ‘Rocky Top,’ salamanders and tulip poplars? Published April 15.

Why does Washington Post label one religious freedom law ‘controversial’ and another ‘historic?’ Published April 16.

In reporting on Baptists, bootleggers and beer, why not talk to some actual Baptists? Published April 17.

Blind spot in South Carolina: Revisiting media’s (lack of) coverage of faith in police shooting death. Published April 19.

CEO cuts his $1 million salary to pay all employees at least $70,000 — is media missing religion angle? Published April 21.

Revving Motor City’s front-page engines with a pistol-packing priest and concealed-carry Catholics. Published April 22.

New York Times goes to the zoo and reports on those strange Southern animals who oppose same-sex marriage. Published April 24.

Changing churches: What’s Scott Walker’s faith got to do with his Republican presidential creds? Published April 29.

Believe it or not: a holy ghost in New York Post exclusive on Jeffrey Dahmer’s killer. Published April 29.

Icing on the cake: Tasty coverage on bakery fined $135,000 in religious freedom vs. gay rights case. Published April 30.

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