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Best month of baseball ever: hit all 30 MLB ballparks in roughly 30 days

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By Bobby Ross Jr.

Hey baseball fans, how cool would this be?

Sports on Earth senior writer Will Leitch has devised the “ultimate baseball trip.”

Leitch writes:

Every fan dreams of this. We look at Spring Training now, and we know the season is coming. It would only be appropriate that once baseball truly begins again, we celebrate with the ultimate indulgent celebrations. Imagine it: 30 stadiums in (roughly) 30 days. What a way to live! People would write novels about you.

Sounds terrific, but I must take issue with one point: I’d write my own novel.

The total cost of Leitch’s plan: $9,208.80. 

By all means, if you need details on how to transfer funds to my PayPal account, let me know.

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Honestly, if I had the money to visit all 30 ballparks, I’m not sure I’d want to do it on Leitch’s schedule.

Interviewing former Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire at spring training in Fort Myers, Fla., several years ago.
Interviewing former Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire at spring training in Fort Myers, Fla., several years ago.

His plan sounds like a load of fun — and a ton of work to get from place to place and stay on schedule.

On Facebook, I asked:

If you had an opportunity to visit all 30 major-league ballparks and money was not an issue, would you:

A. Do the (roughly) 30-day plan, hit the friendly skies and see a bunch of different parks in the best month of baseball ever?

B. Take your time, spend a few days in each city and write a book about your “season-long road trip from heaven?”

C. Pick two or three ballparks a year to visit, and spread the joy out over a decade or more?

B seemed to be the most popular option.

“B for sure,” Robert Gregg said. “Take my time and visit not only the ballparks but the cities as well and see what the cities have besides baseball. Take it all in!”

“B, if money and time were no issue,” Hollee McAdams said. “C seems more realistic, though, but B would be awesome. Each city has neat things to do and see, so it’d be fun to take your time and really take it all in. It would be an amazing book to write and remember for sure!”

My friend Summer Heil, who may know me too well, quipped, “I’m sure this question is purely hypothetical.”

Yes, of course — unless you want to contribute to the cause. Did I mention PayPal?

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Your turn: Which option would you choose — A, B or C? Tweet me @bobbyross.

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