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December 2014: GetReligion


Are they crazy? Despite Ebola threat, Texas missionary couple planning return to Sierra Leone. Published Dec. 1.

As D.C. bans gay conversion therapy of minors, where are the opposing religious voices? Published Dec. 3.

Washington Post seeks an expert on ‘homegrown American extremist’ tied to Christian identity hate group. Published Dec. 4.

5Q+1: Godbeat pro Lilly Fowler on covering faith and the front lines in #Ferguson. Published Dec. 5.

A pastor reports death threats for performing same-sex marriages, and guess who a Kansas newspaper decided to quote? Published Dec. 8.

Holy ghost? New York Times offers a faith-free profile of an American doctor who survived Ebola. Published Dec. 10.

Five glimpses of faith in Time’s story on ‘The Ebola Fighters’ as 2014 Person of the Year. Published Dec. 11.

Islamic State’s reign of terror named top religion story of 2014 by Religion Newswriters Association. Published Dec. 12.

Islamic extremism role in Australia? Facts sketchy in Sydney hostage crisis. Published Dec. 15.

5Q+1 interview: RNS writer David Gibson on the Godbeat, falling into journalism and his conversion to Catholicism. Published Dec. 17.

5Q+1 interview, part 2: RNS writer David Gibson on what GetReligion doesn’t ‘get’ about religion news coverage. Published Dec. 18.

Religious freedom vs. gay rights: Have your cake and read both sides of the story, too. Published Dec. 19.

He’s baaaaack! Los Angeles Times features former pastor who decided to ‘live without God’ for a year. Published Dec. 23.

Blue mourning in New York City: More glimpses of megachurch attended by slain officer Rafael Ramos emerge. Published Dec. 27.

Kansas City Star story on woman who wants to be Roman Catholic priest needs less advocacy, more reporting. Published Dec. 30.

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