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5Q+1: Godbeat pro Lilly Fowler on covering faith and the front lines in #Ferguson

GETRELIGION.ORG — “Everyone has an agenda.”

That’s one lesson Lilly Fowler said she has learned covering faith and the front lines in Ferguson, Missouri, the St. Louis suburb engulfed in racial unrest and sometimes violent protests since the Aug. 9 police shooting of Michael Brown.

Born in Mexico and raised on the border of Arizona and Mexico, Fowler earned two master’s degrees: one in theology from the University of Notre Dame and one in journalism from the University of Southern California.

And she shared this personal note: “I like punk and psychedelic music!”

Q: What has been your role on the Ferguson story? What kind of hours has this required?

A: I’m the religion reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, so my primary role has been to find the faith angles in Ferguson. But this has been an all-consuming story, with the entire newsroom working long hours, so I’ve often been deployed to cover stories outside the realm of religion. I recently covered Black Friday protests related to Ferguson, for example.

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