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Tragic Sunday: Kentucky church elder, wife, daughter shot to death

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Tragic Sunday: Kentucky church elder, wife, daughter shot to death: Authorities allege the couple’s son enlisted a fourth victim as a hitman on his family, then killed him. 

On a recent Sunday morning, elder Lindsey Champion and his wife, Joy, worshiped, as always, with the Cadiz Church of Christ in western Kentucky.

Preacher Randall Evans visited with them and shook their hands after the 10 a.m. assembly Oct. 26.

“It was actually a great day,” Evans told The Christian Chronicle. “The sun was shining. The sky was blue. We had a great Bible class.”

But before noon, the couple and their adult daughter, Emily Champion, were found shot to death at the family’s rural home, Kentucky State Police Trooper Jay Thomas said.

Authorities believe the elder’s son, Ryan Champion, 36, enlisted a fourth victim, Vito Riservato, 22, as a hitman, then killed him.

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