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September 2014: GetReligion

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Women as clergy: The stained-glass ceiling and one-sided journalism. Published Sept. 2.

Howdy, partner: In Lone Star State, gospel with a front-page twang. Published Sept. 3.

Secret no more: Executed journalist Steven Sotloff’s Jewish faith makes headlines. Published Sept. 4.

Southern-fried stereotypes? Surprise, but this faith-and-football story serves up real meat. Published Sept. 5.

A medical miracle on NBC News: ‘The hand of God at work’ in saving Ebola patient Dr. Kent Brantly. Published Sept. 9.

The religion beat: Hillsong rocks the evangelical world, and the NYTimes’ front page. Published Sept. 10.

Radical militants and religion: Obama says ISIL is not ‘Islamic,’ but not everyone agrees. Published Sept. 11.

Doughnut holes: Story on Christians targeting Naughty Girls pastries is all sugar and no spice. Published Sept. 12.

Guess who’s making headlines in Detroit: Could it be SATAN!? Published Sept. 16.

5Q+1 interview: Religion writer Bob Smietana on the Godbeat, #RNA2014 and, yes, GetReligion. Published Sept. 17.

A story of biblical proportions: WPost tackles plans for $800 million Bible museum. Published Sept. 18.

‘Jesus is not a member of the NRA,’ Episcopal bishop tells religion writers at #RNA2014. Published Sept. 21.

Best of the Godbeat: At #RNA2014, Religion Newswriters Association honors top religion journalism. Published Sept. 22.

God-given gifts and a financial windfall for members of a Chicago church. Published Sept. 24.

Devil’s in the details: Oklahoma journalists cover Satanic ‘black mass.’ Published Sept. 25.

Pod people: Taking money OUT of the collection plate and more on the ‘black mass.’ Published Sept. 26.

Go West, young rabbis: NPR produces interesting-but-incomplete feature on isolated Jews. Published Sept. 30.

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