January 2013: GetReligion

2012 in review: Contraception vs. religious freedom. Published Jan. 1.

Mixing scales of justice and songs of praise. Published Jan. 4.

Faith, family, fastballs: Dale Murphy’s Hall of Fame bid. Published Jan. 7.

NYT publishes ‘news story’ on pregnancy centers. Published Jan. 9.

Muslims believe in adoption, or do they? Published Jan. 11.

Meet Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey, minus the faith. Published Jan. 12.

On immigration reform, ‘many’ evangelicals all think alike. Published  Jan. 15.

Scared ‘journalist’ hides in a church, lives to write about it. Published Jan. 18.

A killer like us? AP reporter evokes executed inmate’s humanity. Published Jan. 21.

Stenography vs. reporting: ‘Bias’ in the Lone Star State. Published Jan. 23.

Gays, Boy Scouts and the religion angle. Published Jan. 29.

‘Loving the sinner’ in Chick-fil-A gay marriage flap. Published Jan. 31.

Author: Bobby Ross Jr.

Bobby Ross Jr. is an award-winning journalist who has reported from all 50 states and 13 countries in his 28-year professional career.

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