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My stories earn two first-place awards, five other Associated Church Press honors

The Associated Church Press “Best of the Church Press Awards,” for content produced in 2022, were announced last week in Chicago.

I was blessed to receive seven awards for stories I wrote for The Christian Chronicle and Religion Unplugged:

First Place, International Reporting (Short Format), for “In Alaska, a Russian-speaking church becomes a hub for helping Ukrainians” from Anchorage, Alaska.

First Place, Biographical Profile, for “She’s a mom, Sunday school teacher — and prominent religious freedom attorney” from Fairfax, Va.

Second Place, In-Depth Reporting (with Audrey Jackson and Erik Tryggestad), for tornado coverage from Mayfield, Ky.

Second Place, News Story (Long Format), for “In Georgia county with history of racial violence, Christians seek unity” from Cumming, Ga.

Second Place,International Reporting (Short Format), for “Teaching the Gospel, via Zoom” from Fairfax, Va.

Third Place, Local Reporting (Long Format), for “Breaking down barriers — new and old — to help tornado victims” from Mayfield, Ky.

Third Place, News Story (Long Format), for “After yet another mass shooting, Tulsa church prays, reflects: Is there a solution?” from Tulsa, Okla.

In a separate contest, the Chronicle, where I serve as editor-in-chief, was honored as the nation’s best print newspaper by the Evangelical Press Association, meeting in Lancaster, Pa.

The judge commented:

“The Christian Chronicle demonstrates excellence in all aspects of the newspaper through its writing, use of photography, layout/design and worldwide coverage of timely and important events as well as the people whose lives are touched by these events. The coverage strives to report on the human element of worldwide events and accomplishes it very well.”

The Chronicle took second place in EPA’s online newspaper category.

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