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When the editor gets COVID-19

Colleagues at The Christian Chronicle step up in time of need.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

ELGIN, Ill. — COVID-19 stinks.

That’s not exactly breaking news, right?  

For 2½ years, I somehow avoided the coronavirus. But during a recent reporting trip to Chicago, I tested positive for the first time.

So instead of doing the work I love, I isolated myself in my hotel room. Apparently, the pandemic has no concern for my plans. Who knew?

Since I find myself with a bit of free time in between coughing spells, I’ll start at the beginning. 

Way back in February 2020, Ricardo Barrera, minister for the Elgin Church of Christ, northwest of Chicago, told me about a national gathering of Spanish-speaking young people planned that summer. He invited me to cover the event — Reunión Juvenil Nacional — for The Christian Chronicle.

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This column appears in the August edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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