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Writing about religion with style: I helped update the Associated Press Stylebook

In her “State of Faith” newsletter this week, the Deseret News’ Kelsey Dallas wrote about the new religion entries in the Associated Press Stylebook.

I was excited to make a cameo appearance:

For this week’s newsletter, I spoke with David Crary, the AP’s religion news director, and Holly Meyer, the religion news editor, about the work that went into the new entries and some of the specific terms that were added. It was a pleasure to pick their brains.

Kelsey Dallas: How did you decide what terms to add?

Holly Meyer: When we were given a green light to go ahead and revise the Stylebook, David and I knew we needed help. We tapped three outside experts to go through it all and review it and give us feedback: Mary Gladstone (copy editor for Religion News Service), Bobby Ross Jr. (editor-in-chief of The Christian Chronicle and former AP religion reporter) and Richard Ostling (another former AP religion reporter). Their feedback was our guide for what entries to add.

David Crary: We told them their mission was to suggest updates or revisions to existing entries and to tell us what was missing. Some people on our own staff chimed in, as well.

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