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A time to praise the stellar work of my colleagues

From a special project on churches closing to in-depth coverage of war in Ukraine, Christian Chronicle journalists excel.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

BETHESDA, Md. — The sun hasn’t risen yet as I type this.

It’s still early at the Washington, D.C.-area hotel where I’m staying.

I’m attending the annual meeting of the Religion News Association. Because of the pandemic, it’s the professional organization’s first in-person conference in 2½ years.

I first joined RNA more than two decades ago when I served as religion editor for The Oklahoman, the daily newspaper in Oklahoma City. 

Later, I remained a member when I covered religion for The Associated Press, based first in Nashville, Tenn., and later in Dallas. 

And since joining The Christian Chronicle staff in 2005, I’ve maintained my RNA ties.

My involvement with RNA connects me with many of the nation’s top religion writers. These journalists work for outlets such as AP, Religion News Service and the Washington Post.

But here’s a secret: The quality of journalism done here at the Chronicle rivals that of any of those publications. 

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This column appears in the April edition of The Christian Chronicle.

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