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‘We lost everything, but we didn’t lose everything’: Where was God in Mayfield tornado?

By Bobby Ross Jr. | Religion Unplugged

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Words fail to convey the emotions in Mayfield, Kentucky, after last weekend’s devastating tornado.

Let’s try anyway, directly from the mouths of those relying on their faith in the EF4 twister’s aftermath.

“My little girl asked me, ‘Why would God let this happen?’ … I had to look at my little 8-year-old girl, who looks to me for answers, and I had to say … ‘I don’t know. I don’t know.’” — the Rev. Wes Fowler, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Mayfield (via Associated Press story by Holly Meyer)

“Thanks be to God the parts of the building that came down didn’t come down on us. I realized it might be the last few moments of my life on this earth. … All I care about is the fact that the most valuable possessions in my life, my wife’s life, my children, they’re all safe. Everything else is replaceable.” — the Rev. Joey Reed, lead pastor of First United Methodist Church in Mayfield (via Louisville Courier-Journal story by Christopher Kuhagen)

“As a parent, it’s like there’s only so much you can say or do to take the fear out of your children. The girls’ room was — I say ‘was’ because, obviously, if you come in here and look around, there’s no walls anymore; there’s no ceiling. I mean, they know how much of it’s in our hands and how much of it’s, you know, up to the storm and up to God. … We lost everything, but we didn’t lose everything. I mean, everything that we have that is worth anything was in that closet.” — Joseph Tyler, Mayfield resident who survived with his family in the closet and worships at His House, a local church (via CNN story)

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