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Most Christians welcome the COVID-19 vaccines, but some are skeptical

A majority view the coronavirus shots as an answer to prayer, a survey finds.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

Many of the 700 members of the Grace Chapel Church of Christ in Cumming, Ga., north of Atlanta, are excited about the rapid development of vaccines to fight COVID-19.

“This is an answer to prayer, for certain,” said Paul Huyghebaert, the church’s lead minister.

When his turn comes, Huyghebaert, 42, said he definitely plans to roll up his sleeve.

He expects that most of the congregation — especially the older population — will be vaccinated. 

But not all.

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“Some do see this as a government overreach,” he said, “or even something as extreme as the ‘mark of the beast.’”

Nationwide, roughly three-quarters of 200 members of Churches of Christ who responded to a Christian Chronicle survey said they intend to get vaccinated or already have.

Like many fellow believers, Yolanda Greenway, a member of the Pleasant Grove Church of Christ in Dover, Ark., said she praises God for the first two COVID-19 vaccines cleared for use in the U.S. — those made by Pfizer and Moderna.

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This story appears in the February edition of The Christian Chronicle.

Photo by Whitney Bryen, Oklahoma Watch

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