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As thousands die from the coronavirus, does Jesus care?

Amid a global pandemic, we can put our hope and trust in the Lord.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

I’m not the best daily Bible reader.

I become distracted and neglect to open God’s word for a few days.

Or after my eyes move over an entire passage, I realize I allowed my mind to wander. And I fail to grasp what the Lord was trying to tell me.

One way that I reflect and learn is to write things on paper. Since I was a young boy, I’ve loved to jot down thoughts and ideas. Even in the computer age, I prefer a handwritten to-do list.

As 2020 approached, I decided to try a new approach to my Bible reading. I resolved to write down the Scriptures. I ordered a stack of black hardback journals with lined paper from Amazon. I made sure I had plenty of my favorite black, felt-tip pens.

Then I opened the YouVersion app on my iPhone to the Gospel of John.

A quarter of the way through the year, I’ve filled up three journals and started a fourth. When I finished John, I moved to Luke. I figure I’ll do the other two gospels — Matthew and Mark — next.

I’m in no big hurry.

I want to take time to listen to Jesus and get to know him better.

Stuck at home amid the coronavirus outbreak, I’ve found myself stressed and worried. I know I’m not alone.

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This column appears in the May edition of The Christian Chronicle.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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