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Meet the real-life pastor portrayed in the Easter film ‘Breakthrough’

The faith-based film, starring Chrissy Metz of ‘This Is Us’ fame, opens nationwide April 17. It’s the story of a teen who slips into an icy lake and has no pulse — until his mother prays.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | For Religion Unplugged

OKLAHOMA CITY — Four years ago, Jason Noble was an unknown pastor for an Assemblies of God church in the St. Louis area.

Now a famous Hollywood actor portrays Noble in a faith-based movie — a potential blockbuster and New York Times critic’s pick — hitting the nation’s theaters just in time for Easter.

The 44-year-old pastor has spent months on the road promoting the film, Breakthrough, which racked up more than 125 million trailer views in advance of its April 17 opening in wide release.

“We believe that God is still the God who can do the impossible, amen?” Noble said at the Evangelical Press Association’s annual convention in this Bible Belt state capital last week. “That is what is going to explode on the screen.”

The 20th Century Fox production is based on the true story of a family at First Assembly Church in St. Peters, Missouri. It recounts the seemingly miraculous survival of John Smith, a 14-year-old boy who fell through ice on a frigid lake in January 2015.

Trapped underwater for 15 minutes, the boy had no pulse after 43 minutes of CPR. He recovered only after his mother, Joyce Smith — depicted on the big screen by Chrissy Metz of “This Is Us” fame — prayed.

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