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This Catholic journalist has witnessed 400-plus executions but won’t say if he approves

By Bobby Ross Jr. | GetReligion

It’s almost incomprehensible: Associated Press journalist Michael Graczyk has served as a media witness for more than 400 executions.

When I worked in AP’s Dallas bureau from 2003 to 2005, Graczyk was a Houston-based colleague of mine — and a great guy.

Graczyk, 68, is making headlines this week because of his retirement after 46 years with the news service.

The Dallas Morning News featured the veteran newsman on today’s front page. The Washington Post had a story on him Tuesday. And AP got the scoop on Graczyk’s plans. No surprise there, right?

All of the interviews, of course, are fascinating. And all paint a portrait of an accurate, fair-minded journalist: In hundreds of cases, Graczyk has made it a point to interview condemned inmates who were willing. But not only that, he also has given victims’ relatives an opportunity to speak, if they so desired.

Here’s a journalist who epitomizes the best of his profession.

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