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When God wants your kidney

An Oklahoma church member found himself in urgent need of a transplant. A minister’s wife answered the call — eventually.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

TULSA, Okla.“It’s you, Shannon.”

Shannon Wilburn heard the voice in her head.

What she didn’t know was whether the voice was her own or that of the Holy Spirit.

Wilburn, whose husband, Mitch, preaches for the 1,700-member Park Plaza Church of Christ in Oklahoma’s second-largest city, was sitting in worship one Sunday in September 2016.

That morning, an announcement informed the congregation that Walt Erwin, a member of Park Plaza’s branch campus in suburban Jenks, needed a kidney donor.

Thirty-five years earlier, Erwin, now 66, had received a kidney from his older brother, Frank. But he desperately needed a new one. And he was having trouble finding a donor. Without a suitable match, he faced ongoing dialysis. That would mean a decreased quality of life and a shortened life expectancy.

But was Walt Erwin’s health really Shannon Wilburn’s concern?

“What is going on?” she thought as she wrestled with the voice in her head. “I barely know this guy, and I don’t need to give him my kidney.”

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This story appears in the March 2018 edition of The Christian Chronicle.


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