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The high costs of an abuse claim: Five guidelines to help churches of all sizes

Prevention, right coverage are critical to protecting churches.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | For Church Finance Today

Sexual abuse of a minor is the number one reason churches end up in court. It’s a statistic that’s been true for a number of years, according to attorney Richard R. Hammar. And churches must do all they can to prevent this type of tragedy. But churches also must be wise and purchase the right kind of insurance that will help cover any legal action that might occur because of abuse or alleged abuse on their property or during church-related events, trips, or activities.

Based on interviews with church insurance experts, attorneys, and a risk management specialist, Church Finance Today offers five guidelines to help churches of all sizes make sure they are financially prepared should the unthinkable ever happen.

  1. Don’t assume your general liability policy covers abuse claims. It usually does not.

“Some churches may not be aware that their typical church liability coverage doesn’t cover sexual abuse or misconduct,” said Eric Spacek, risk management and loss control director for GuideOne Insurance.

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Sidebar: Interview with attorney Richard J. Mathews.

This article appears on the August 2017 cover of Church Finance Today, a publication of Christianity Today.

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