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God, guns and Russia: Washington Post fails to note crucial detail about summit on persecuted Christians. Published May 1.

Does religious freedom extend to churches stopping women from breastfeeding during services? Published May 2.

Choose your superlative, but The Atlantic’s deep dive on Islamic State radicalization is a must read. Published May 4.

Hey AP, your slanted headline on Texas adoption story is why so many distrust mainstream press. Published May 9.

Show me the money: Coverage of Texas adoption bill improving, but questions remain. Published May 11.

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Other May 2017 columns

How to cover religious liberty: Quote both sides — and skip the scare quotes. Published May 5.

Songs? Prayers? Scriptures? Moving story on funeral for 15-year-old shot by police lacks religious details. Published May 8.

A powerful, important read: Wall Street Journal on the ‘epochal shift’ of Christians from the Middle East. Published May 12.

Hire more religion reporters — yes! — and other takeaways from that helpful podcast on the Godbeat. Published May 15.

In-depth NPR analysis of Indiana voucher program mostly gets education, but not religion. Published May 16.

When prayer precedes a couple adopting seven kids — all at once — there might be a holy ghost. Published May 18.