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How to cover a tragedy: San Antonio paper offers sensitive, insightful reporting on church bus crash

By Bobby Ross Jr. | GetReligion

Years ago, I helped cover the funerals in a small West Texas town after eight senior citizens were killed in a church bus crash.

I couldn’t help but recall that heart-wrenching tragedy as news broke Wednesday of another church bus crash — this one with an even higher death toll.

As a reporter, I always hate handling first-day stories on tragedies such as this. Pressing crash investigators for the basic details of what happened is no problem. But seeking comments from grieving loved ones is never easy. Never.

With my personal experience in my mind, I am impressed with the San Antonio Express-News’ main front-page story today.

The piece offers sensitive and insightful reporting on the tragedy, which occurred in the San Antonio paper’s coverage area.

The lede nicely sets the scene:

Read the full column.

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