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Just in time for new year, one state debates ending government-sanctioned marriage. Published Jan. 4.

In real-life Mayberry, what makes Trump supporters tick: Religion? Race? Economics? Published Jan. 5.

As Emanuel AME gunman gets death, looking for faith — and finding it — on victims’ side. Published Jan. 11.

Victim’s blood-stained Bible ‘reminds me of the blood Jesus shed for me and you, Dylann Roof.’ Published Jan. 12.

You’ll never guess who called Texas bill to end abortion the ‘most extreme measure’ yet. Published Jan. 16.

Surprise! Yes, it IS possible for mainstream media to produce fair, balanced abortion news. Published Jan. 17.

Oh no, look what Trump’s done: He’s appointed someone to Cabinet who ONCE PRAYED. Published Jan. 19.

Why you can buy a beer in North Dakota on Sunday morning but not a belt at Wal-Mart. Published Jan. 24.

‘They say the press doesn’t cover them’: Trump weighs in on March for Life. Published Jan. 26.

5Q+1 interview: Why this pastor believes media misinterpreted Trump’s order on refugees. Published Jan. 31.

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Other January 2017 columns

A holy ghost in Dallas: ‘Servant leader’ steps into key public office in the Lone Star State. Published Jan. 3.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Transgender bathroom bill unveiled in Texas. Published Jan. 9.

Best of cotton-candy journalism: How to turn religious pablum into front-page news. Published Jan. 10.

Inauguration week goodies: Elephants, donkeys and thought-provoking Godbeat stories. Published Jan. 18.

Are Bible classes in public schools constitutional? The answer is complicated. Published Jan. 23.

Surprise! Pro-life women planning to join March for Life get front-page news coverage. Published Jan. 25.

Big news report card: Five key questions about news coverage of March for Life. Published Jan. 30.