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Best of GetReligion: December 2016

Links to Bobby Ross Jr.’s top columns

Oh, Politico! We’re not laughing with you, but at you, after that ‘advance God’s Kingdom’ scoop. Published Dec. 5.

False balance: As New York Times reports on divided campuses, only left has ‘real’ concerns. Published Dec. 8.

‘Just who is Dylann Roof?’: Do we really need to know what makes a mass murderer tick? Published Dec. 12.

Holy ghost in my past: How I blew my chance to explore the faith of the ‘real’ Santa Claus. Published Dec. 13.

‘He did it!’ – MLB coach beats cancer, but media remain vague on faith that sustained him. Published Dec. 15.

After Dylann Roof verdict, best stories aren’t about the killer — but resilient survivors. Published Dec. 17.

AP on religious liberty: Those bigots down in Mississippi are still up to no good. Published Dec. 19.

An old-fashioned Baptist political squabble: Hey WSJ, that’s what we call a scoop! Published Dec. 20.

Washington Post wrote about overlooked rural evangelicals; now it needs to talk to them. Published Dec. 21.

Surface-level journalism: New York Times fails to cover heart and soul of pro-Trump town. Published Dec. 28.

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Abortion shocker! Media aghast concerning new Texas rules on burial of fetal remains. Published Dec. 2.

Waltons? Little House? Have faith in ratings success of Dolly Parton’s latest Christmas movie. Published Dec. 6.

Donald Trump is Time magazine’s Person of the Year — but not much religion to see here. Published Dec. 7.

Keep reading long enough, and there’s another side to Planned Parenthood story in Texas. Published Dec. 22.

No actual news? No problem as elite paper puts Bible Belt city under Islamophobia microscope. Published Dec. 27.

2016 in review: A GetReligionista reflects on his Top 10 most-viewed posts. Published Dec. 29.

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