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A holy cure for ‘post-election stress disorder’

A holy cure for ‘post-election stress disorder’: Leaders of Churches of Christ urge believers to put their hope in the ‘king of kings,’ not politicians.

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle

As Christians who voted for Republican Donald Trump see it, America avoided the worst-case scenario in a nasty election featuring two of the most distrusted, unpopular presidential candidates ever.

Other people of faith struggle to imagine a more terrible outcome than Democrat Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat on Tuesday.

However, believers on both sides of the political aisle can celebrate this: Jesus Christ remains Lord, forever and always.

After one of the most divisive political seasons in U.S. history, members of Churches of Christ desperately need to hear that message, say ministers and other leaders interviewed by The Christian Chronicle.

Josh Ross, minister for the Sycamore View Church of Christ in Memphis, Tenn., warns that some Christians will experience what he dubs “PESD,” or “post-election stress disorder.”

“Be prepared,” Ross urges fellow church leaders and counselors. “It’s real. Offer hope. Encourage. Extend mercy.”

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