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Best of GetReligion: November 2016

Links to Bobby Ross Jr.’s top columns

In a town called Faith, voters offers clues on who exactly supports Donald Trump. Published Nov. 1.

MVP! Cubs’ Ben Zobrist – ‘a missionary in the big leagues’ – wins World Series again. Published Nov. 3.

#WarOnChristmas: RNS, other media jump on (nonexistent) controversy over Starbucks cups. Published Nov. 7.

Spiritual visions: Behind the scenes of Donald Trump’s ‘inner circle of evangelical advisors.’ Published Nov. 10.

Hey Dallas Morning News: Bible contains two books of Timothy, and Peter didn’t write them. Published Nov. 14.

Based on Trump’s win, it looks like religious liberty really is a thing — with no scare quotes. Published Nov. 15.

Heartland authenticity: Praise for one paper’s nuanced coverage of post-Trump Muslims. Published Nov. 16.

Weird case of godless former sex slave: Hey Reuters, are you really that afraid of religion!? Published Nov. 30.

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Faith vs. works: Hillary Clinton’s ‘public and private faith’ draws CNN’s attention. Published Nov. 2.

Give it a rest: On #ElectionDay, a pretty kitty picture and a reminder of simpler times. Published Nov. 8.

Don’t write off capital punishment just yet — Tuesday’s elections gave death penalty a boost. Published Nov. 9.

Hello! ‘The Book of Mormon’ — the crude musical — leads to a religious conversion. Published Nov. 17.

News reports aside, battle for heart, soul and LGBT stance of Texas Baptists is complicated. Published Nov. 21.

Thanks for the (attempted) correction, Dallas Morning News, but your story is still wrong. Published Nov. 22.

AP reports churches transcend racial barriers after Mississippi arson — but do they really? Published Nov. 23.

Who would Jesus execute? Dylann Roof facing death penalty in rampage at S.C. black church. Published Nov. 28.

Haunted by holy ghosts: ‘Devout Christian’ cop is so ‘blessed,’ but questions remain. Published Nov. 29.

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