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Best of Get Religion: October 2016

Links to Bobby Ross Jr.’s top columns

Religion figures heavily — and rightly so — in AP story on Muslim’s ‘honor’ killing of sister. Published Oct. 3.

There’s a reason Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully kept mentioning God during his farewell tour. Published Oct. 5.

Let’s be clear: It’s rape, not a relationship, when a youth pastor impregnates a teen. Published Oct. 14.

Yes, journalism is a noble profession — so let’s not bash everyone in the news media. Published Oct. 18.

My response to the election, the news media and my alleged ‘blanket defense of journalists.’ Published Oct. 20.

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Forget religion: For doctors, patient care is all about hot-button social issues. Published Oct. 4.

‘Down with the old man, up with the new’: River baptisms make for great pics, many questions. Published Oct. 6.

Follow-up: Why sports columnist thought story of Vin Scully’s faith was so important to tell. Published Oct. 10.

Curse of the Cubs: Does Chicago really have a prayer of winning the World Series? Published Oct. 11.

Re: transgender restrooms, a lawsuit over where churches’ religious freedom begins, ends. Published Oct. 12.

‘Kum Ba Yah’: AP serves up a vanilla puff piece on Hillary Clinton’s ‘private’ faith. Published Oct. 17.

Lack of compassion or something else? Why Canada’s Catholic hospitals won’t help patients die. Published Oct. 19.

News alert: Freedom From Religion Foundation has an agenda; journalists might consider that. Published Oct. 24.

Divine intervention: Survivor of motorcycle crash points to God, but questions remain. Published Oct. 25.

Breaking news: Facebook and politics don’t mix — and yes, there’s a holy ghost here. Published Oct. 26.

Yes, we read that viral story about reporters #Biased against Trump. Here are five key thoughts … Published Oct. 28.

This Bible Belt paper just discovered some interesting characters — they’re called ‘evangelicals.’ Published Oct. 31.

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