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Best of GetReligion: September 2016

Links to Bobby Ross Jr.’s top columns.

‘End-times cat cult’: Why Bob Smietana’s ‘Apocalypse Meow’ story really is the cat’s meow. Published Sept. 8.

The Palombo 10: At the 9/11 anniversary, an exceptional story of family and faith from CNN. Published Sept. 12.

Thousands of strangers help an 89-year-old Popsicle vendor — surely there’s no holy ghost? Published Sept. 14.

Let’s dig below the surface of Donald Trump’s awkward visit to a black church in Flint, Mich. Published Sept. 15.

‘Respect the culture’ of family of black man shot dead by Tulsa police — but what culture? Published Sept. 20.

How do you report on ‘Muslims Get Out’ sign? Interview diner owner who put it up, of course. Published Sept. 21.

That political despair among white evangelicals? New York Times nails it. Published Sept. 29.

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‘Shame List’ sequel: Why reporting both sides is not propaganda but — yes — journalism. Published Sept. 1.

Charming, ‘God-fearing’ Southern woman goes to church — but don’t ask where. Published Sept. 6.

Theology lite: New York Times offers a positive but shallow view of Christians serving refugees. Published Sept. 7.

No ghosts here: Faith in the ‘Vindication’ of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. Published Sept. 9.

What’s happening with NCAA boycotting North Carolina? Don’t bother reading Raleigh paper. Published Sept. 13.

Time offers a little more insight on friendship between Donald Trump and Paula White. Published Sept. 19.

In Bible Belt town split on immigration, passing glimpses of religious influence raise questions. Published Sept. 22.

Houston, we have a problem in this stew of a story on a Baptist church’s inclusiveness. Published Sept. 26.

Digging into Islamophobia: CNN’s award-winning religion editor does actual reporting. Published Sept. 27.

‘Pitch’ this: When boys and girls play on the same sports field, religion enters the mix. Published Sept. 28.

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