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Best of GetReligion: August 2016

Links to Bobby Ross Jr.’s top columns

Was I too easy on Religion News Service for covering Democratic convention but not GOP one? Published Aug. 2.

In era of Donald Trump, is it true Muslim scholars are no longer split on ethics of voting? Published Aug. 3.

Prosperity gospel vs. social gospel: What religion means to Trump, Clinton & Co. Published Aug. 4.

Husband and wife of 63 years die 20 minutes apart — and the religious details are beautiful. Published Aug. 12.

Battling cancer, major-league coach puts faith into action — but what exactly does that mean? Published Aug. 22.

Khizr Khan calls Donald Trump a ‘black soul’: Is there a spiritual connotation? Published Aug. 1.

BYU, the Big 12 and the LGBT attack on the university’s honor code: what’s really at issue. Published Aug. 10.

A man with her father’s heart walks bride down the aisle — where’s the faith in this story? Published Aug. 11.

Citizen Trump in Orlando, the Sequel: So WHO were the evangelicals in the room? Published Aug. 12.

About that Pew survey on politics and the pulpit: So what makes an issue POLITICAL? Published Aug. 15.

Homeless ministry on wheels: a compelling take on ‘least of these’ in wealthy Silicon Valley. Published Aug. 16.

Where’s the beef? Report on Texas attorney’s controversial prayers missing crucial details. Published Aug. 17.

Anti-Muslim hate crime targets a … Lebanese Christian? That sad murder case in Tulsa. Published Aug. 18.

After that devastating flooding in Louisiana, there’s hope — but apparently no faith. Published Aug. 23.

Red Cross won’t let Louisiana cop pray with flood victims? Please, news media, tell us more. Published Aug. 24.

Scare quote alert: Cheers and jeers for that Associated Press primer on 2016 ‘religious vote.’ Published Aug. 29.

Black and white in Georgia: About those two First Baptists that AP discovered in Macon. Published Aug. 30.

Absolute worst newspaper: Why this one belongs on ‘Shame List’ for journalistic malpractice. Published Aug. 31.

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