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Best of GetReligion: June 2016

Links to columns by Bobby Ross Jr.

In this journalistic desert, abortion supporters thrive while pro-life advocates go thirsty. Published June 2.

Exiles in their home country? A deep dive into the changing status of evangelical Christians. Published June 3.

Town fighting transgender bathrooms has rattlesnakes and cougars. What about religion? Published June 7.

Surprise! An abortion story from a major newspaper that doesn’t favor pro-choice side. Published June 8.

A family of 10, a 25,000-mile road trip and a ghost the size of the Grand Canyon. Published June 9.

Black, white and vague: trying hard to decipher Southern Baptist racial unity efforts. Published June 10.

What offensive thing did Texas politician say after Orlando, and WHEN did he say it? Published June 13.

After Orlando shooting, Chick-fil-A opens on Sunday to help — did the news media ignore? Published June 14.

Why a wounded Orlando survivor begged God to ‘take the soul out of my body.’ Published June 15.

Euphemism in the news? We debate ‘abortion care’ terminology in front-page report. Published June 16.

At anniversary of Emanuel AME attack, hometown newspaper provides more amazing coverage. Published June 20.

Journalism 101 lesson: What’s wrong with this story on challenged Mississippi law? Published June 21.

Yes, we’ll keep defending journalism essentials, even when faced with ‘so-called’ impartiality. Published June 22.

Major oops! NPR discovers that the Rev. Billy Graham is, in fact, NOT dead. Published June 23.

The key to understanding the Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion restrictions. Published June 27.

Compassion vs. conversion: surprising insight on why these evangelicals welcome refugees. Published June 28.

Concerning the dozens dead in Istanbul: Why religious affiliation of victims matters. Published June 29.

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