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Best of GetReligion: May 2016


Links to columns by Bobby Ross Jr.

Front-page profile of a hip youth pastor: Is it the journalism or the theology that’s shallow? Published May 2.

Why a pastor who served as St. Louis Cardinals’ chaplain was fired by his megachurch. Published May 3.

In so-called news story on #BoycottTarget, Associated Press shows its bias. Published May 4.

In lawsuit over transgender student using girls locker room, a surprising development. Published May 5.

This one will make you chuckle: You’ll never guess what kind of Christians pray before meals. Published May 9.

After ‘scheduled maintenance,’ Energizer Baptist Al Mohler back in the news. Published May 10.

A Texas-sized battle over an urban school district’s transgender-friendly bathroom policy. Published May 11.

God ignored? What a newspaper story on a baseball player with a new heart didn’t say. Published May 12.

The gift that keeps on giving (headaches): More media schizophrenia on evangelicals, Trump. Published May 16.

Texas Baptist universities claim Supreme Court victory, but Houston, Dallas papers go mum. Published May 17.

‘I believe I’ve seen an obit for a Chihuahua that was longer,’ reader says of story on major church’s closing. Published May 18.

Somebody somewhere said something nutty about Muslims — oh, he’s a ‘Christian pastor.’ Published May 19.

Jimmy Carter talks Baptists and racism, but SOUTHERN Baptists missing from the conversation. Published May 24.

Caps, gowns and prison whites: Meet Texas’ newest seminary-trained pastors. Published May 25.

To hell with it: No, seriously, there’s a movement to eliminate doctrine of eternal torment. Published May 26.

#ThunderUp: Jumping on O-K-C bandwagon and exploring religion ghosts on sports page. Published May 27.

Biased framing: Here’s why ‘religious freedom’ automatically means ‘anti-LGBT’ to this newspaper. Published May 30.

Is it possible to discuss U.S. effort to resettle Syrian refugees without mentioning religion? Published May 31.

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