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Best of GetReligion: April 2016


Links to columns by Bobby Ross Jr.

What media coverage tells us about the (lack of) faith of ‘Story of God’ host Morgan Freeman. Published April 4.

Rocky Top, you’ll always be good for a great debate on the Bible’s place in Tennessee. Published April 5.

How scary is this? GetReligion critic joins us in opposing ‘religious liberty’ scare quotes. Published April 6.

Merle Haggard’s Church of Christ mama tried to raise him better, and he embraced Jesus as Lord. Published April 7.

Breaking: Babylon Bee buys RNS, will publish mix of fake and real news (SATIRE). Published April 12.

You won’t believe this humdinger of an editor’s note on AP religious liberty story. Published April 13.

Amid a barrage of slanted reporting, a smart, helpful take on religious freedom legislation. Published April 14.

Presbyterians, Baptists, Churches of Christ: Do denominational affiliations matter in Tennessee Bible debate? Published April 15.

This surprising thing happens when AP quotes real people on guns in churches. Published April 18.

Guilty until proven innocent: Whole Foods denies selling anti-gay cake, makes headlines anyway. Published April 19.

‘Islamophobia’: In reports on student kicked off Southwest flight, there’s that term again. Published April 20.

Your news report on porn addiction is missing a crucial ‘M’ word — no, not that one. Published April 21.

How liberal is this denomination? Canadians debating whether a pastor must believe in God. Published April 25.

Faith angle or not, this Washington Post story on civil asset forfeiture will outrage you. Published April 26.

What does she really believe? AP takes a shallow dive into Hillary Clinton’s faith. Published April 27.

Nearly 1 million sign petition to boycott Target: Will the news media quote any of them? Published April 28.

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