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Best of GetReligion: March 2016


Links to columns by Bobby Ross Jr.

Dude, the St. Louis Cardinals’ chaplain is doing awesome, generic religious stuff with team. Published March 1.

Jailhouse religion in Lone Star State’s toughest lockup raises church-state question. Published March 2.

After ‘Spotlight’ Oscar euphoria, the hangover: Worry about the future of religion journalism. Published March 3.

A high-profile believer’s ‘amazing’ cancer recovery: God is (not) in the details. Published March 7.

Altar boy John Kasich’s journey from future ‘Pope’ to presidential candidate to … what exactly, religiously? Published March 8.

What e-tithing means for the future of church giving in America might surprise you. Published March 9.

Where ‘rise of the nones’ meets liberal appeal of ‘feeling the Bern’: a smart take on Sanders. Published March 10.

How to stack the deck against Christian teachers expressing their faith at public schools. Published March 14.

Fasting for Ted Cruz: GOP presidential contender’s appeal raises spiritual and political questions. Published March 15.

Politico paints a nuanced portrait of John Kasich’s Christian faith, but not a definitive one. Published March 16.

No surprise here: Godbeat all-star produces stellar journalism on a sickening subject. Published March 17.

Washington Post reports: Bible says women are inferior to men and meant to gratify them. Published March 21.

In wake of more terror attacks in Europe, factual reporting of #Brussels news is crucial. Published March 22.

The good, the bad and the funny in media coverage of Ted Cruz’s ‘Muslim neighborhoods’ remarks. Published March 23.

Hey media, here’s one way to overcome that tired ‘anti-Muslim backlash’ storyline. Published March 25.

On Easter, this obscure topic made front-page news: Why that’s a very good thing. Published March 28.

Down in Georgia, here’s what the news media’s love of ‘religious liberty’ scare quotes tells you. Published March 29.

Whoa, prepare to be surprised by this media treatment of homeschooling and religion — with a twist. Published March 30.

A sex (talk) scandal involving Alabama’s Baptist governor brings out Old Gray Lady’s snark. Published March 31.

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