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Best of GetReligion: February 2016


Links to columns by Bobby Ross Jr.

When real life imitates The Onion: Welcome to the Stoner Jesus Bible Study in Colorado. Published Feb. 1.

Evangelicals in Iowa: Making sense of what happened in the first voting of 2016. Published Feb. 2.

Oklahoma is contemplating a ‘sin tax’ on cigarettes, but no one’s calling it that. Published Feb. 3.

Huffington Post losing its religion: What’s up as key staffers leave and new org drops RNS? Published Feb. 4.

More insight, less bias needed in media coverage of crosses on Texas police cars. Published Feb. 8.

Hillary Clinton takes to Flint, Mich., pulpit, and New York Times brings its King James language. Published Feb. 9.

That whole Islamophobia thing again: Lots of stereotypes, little actual journalism. Published Feb. 10.

Tragic death of NBA coach’s wife Ingrid Williams and a missing element in the news. Published Feb. 12.

Let’s face it: White evangelical voters are totally schizophrenic, and here’s why. Published Feb. 15.

Vote for Trump! Vote for Hillary! Vote for Jesus at this racially diverse S.C. megachurch! Published Feb. 16.

Viagra humor and simplistic journalists: Pssst, it really is OK to quote both sides on abortion. Published Feb. 17.

Congrats, media! Most Americans clueless about Planned Parenthood ‘baby parts’ videos. Published Feb. 18.

A grieving husband. A stirring eulogy. The video that rocked the sports world. Published Feb. 22.

Move over, 2 Corinthians: Proverbs takes center stage in latest Bible flap of GOP campaign. Published Feb. 23.

Oh no he di-int! Major city’s council shocked by prayer mentioning Jesus and the devil. Published Feb. 24.

In battle of gay rights vs. individual conscience in Missouri, here’s a surprising winner. Published Feb. 25.

For fun, let’s try — one more time — to make sense of Donald Trump’s evangelical support. Published Feb. 29.

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