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December 2015: GetReligion


A homeless man, Tony Romo and ‘a flashing neon sign from God.’ Published Dec. 1.

Concerning the Planned Parenthood shooting suspect: Did the Devil make him do it? Published Dec. 2.

‘Muslim Killers,’ declares New York Post as followers of Islam again voice ‘backlash’ fears. Published Dec. 4.

Social drinking, Wednesday night youth sports and Southern churches’ waning influence. Published Dec. 7.

When Donald Trump proposes banning Muslims, five crucial sources to quote. Published Dec. 8.

As Donald Trump pushes to keep Muslims out of U.S., CNN touts ‘the truth.’ Published Dec. 9.

Media report a spike in anti-Muslim crime since San Bernardino — where’s the hard data? Published Dec. 10.

Hijabs and harassment: Media cover a post-San Bernardino debate by Muslim women. Published Dec. 14.

Hey media, in the name of journalism, can we please stop the ‘Islamophobia’ bias? Published Dec. 15.

Case of the Wheaton professor who wore a headscarf to show solidarity with Muslims. Published Dec. 16.

What got that Wheaton professor suspended — her headscarf or her views on Islam? Published Dec. 17.

A major newspaper has hired a religion reporter: Why that is amazing news for everyone. Published Dec. 21.

I see what your church security plan is trying to do, but you lost me at ‘Throw your Bible at the shooter.’ Published Dec. 22.

An elite newspaper kisses President Obama’s liberal brand of Christianity, but here’s what they left out. Published Dec. 23.

Livin’ on a prayer: The good, the bad and the ugly in the world of religion writers, circa 2015. Published Dec. 28.

Houston, we have a problem: What’s wrong with all those ‘Muslim backlash’ stories in the media. Published Dec. 29.

Ten religion stories that made us ooh, ah, chuckle, scratch our heads and otherwise go ‘hmmm’ in 2015. Published Dec. 31.

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